The Urban Guide to the Countryside
Somerset Edition

Wouldn't you though?

This cold weather really dries out the skin doesn't? I've been slapping on loads of my usual moisturizer but I'm still looking far more prune than plum. I wondered whether this brand new face serum (it's only been out a couple of weeks) would do the trick...

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Staying power: how to keep going when you want to give up …

20 Feb 2017

I asked personal trainer Zita Alves, a self-confessed former couch potato who now runs the award-winning Zest Bootcamps in Bath and 1-to-1 personal training sessions around Bath and Wells – she was Juliette Binoche’s personal trainer when she was filming Chocolat – for some advice on keeping it up (so to speak)…

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Eat here: Somerset’s top gastropubs revealed

16 Feb 2017

Did you know that not one but three Somerset pubs made it into this year’s Top 50 Gastropubs Awards? Organised by the Publican’s Morning Advertiser, these are the pubs that industry insiders have voted as having the best food in the UK, food cooked by chefs whose skills wouldn’t be out of place in the world’s best restaurants…

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Top of the hops: 10 of Somerset’s best bottled craft beers

13 Feb 2017

Now Somerset, with its mellow, rainy, mild climate is famous (and justly so) for its cider orchards, and it may be that, like me, you’ve been too busy knocking back prosecco to explore the vibrant crop of hand-made, small-batch, craft beers that our breweries are producing. So over the past week, I decided to discover just what I’ve been missing out on (hic)…

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On my soapbox : healthiness shouldn’t be a status symbol

31 Jan 2017

OK, it’s time to clamber back onto my soapbox. Actually, can you just bear with me while I do three sets of tricep dips off it first? As is the drill in January, I’m using this relatively quiet time of year, undistracted by mulled wine and stilton, to ramp up my health and fitness. Eating a bit less, moving a bit more, trying to jiggle into my lycra leggings that I’m sure didn’t feel like tighter than clingfilm this time last year.

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Fromage-free Valentine

30 Jan 2017

Ah, V-Day is approaching. Will it be a table for two in your fave restaurant – again? Or a quiet night in with a box set and a bicker or a snooze?  Me? I’ll probably still be opening cards from the huge sack that will arrive on the doorstep on Tuesday morning (what a fag) but I’ve had a nose around for some, hopefully not too cheesy, ideas for the rest of you …

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Somerset Edition