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Get into the (comfort) zone at The Barn

19 Oct 2016

What is it with us women? We work SO HARD, whether it’s at home with the kids, or at work or at both, and we just don’t make enough time to be good to ourselves. I’m such a hairshirt on the weekend, looking after the kids, buying the food for the week to come, tidying the house. It’s like I deliberately put myself right down the bottom of the ‘love yourself’ list.

Anyway, I bucked my own stupid trend recently and went to see Kelly Hooper at the award-winning Barn in Loxton, just outside Axbridge in north Somerset, to try out one of their new relaxation and well-being therapies, the soothingly named Tranquility Pro-sleep Ritual.

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Float your stress away

27 Jun 2016

Are you a floater? I am now! Floating in a sound-proofed, darkened tank of water relaxes the body but more importantly, it’s said to help clear and relax the mind. Don’t know about you but my mind is in urgent need of relaxation. I decided to take the long soak in a warm bath up to the next level and try out the floatation tank at the Buff Urban Day Spa in Taunton, finalist in the Best Day Spa in the Muddy Awards.

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Try this: a lava shell massage

8 Mar 2016

When I first heard about lava shell massage, I was sceptical.  Who on earth would want to have a massage using self-heating, tiger-striped clam shells?  Well … me, it turns out, after I enjoyed one at the FrontlineStyle salon and spa in Wells: it was very nice indeed.The FrontlineStyle salon in Wells (there’s a salon in Bath, too, but this is the original), has a shop on the ground floor, filled with all sorts of tempting potions and lotions to make the face and body look, smell and feel beautiful …

… and a large hairdressing salon upstairs.

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