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Summer festival fashion

4 Aug 2016

OK, so everybody needs things like water, money for the bar and your ticket. Oh, and maybe wet wipes. But before you set off, check out Team Muddy Kent’s list of 15 other must-haves to keep you looking the part – from your Panama hatted head to your fest-essential Hunter wellied toes.

1. Coastal Wool Picnic Rug, John Lewis, £55

2. Aviators, Ray-Bans, Sunglasses Hut, £143

3. The Paradiso Beach Towel, You Me and the Dream, £75


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The Muddy Stilettos Awards 2016

25 Apr 2016

Do you have a favourite hair salon or pub that you can’t go a week without visiting? Do you love the county we live in and want to help your local business communities? Then move in a little closer while I tell you more about the Muddy Stilettos Awards 2016!

Muddy Stilettos Somerset is following hot on the heels of its Bucks & Oxon sister and is holding its very first Awards in Somerset from 4 May 2016!

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Recipe for beautiful skin

28 Feb 2016

I admit it, I haven’t got the best skincare routine in the world – I’m a splash-cold-water-all-over kinda gal – but I’m getting to the age (no, you can’t ask) when my skin needs a bit of help,  especially now, when outside it’s still nippy and inside the central heating’s still up high (I feel the cold, she whinged).

I asked Somerset-based natural skincare expert Angela Langford what to look for when buying natural skincare products.

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Supercool local interiors stuff !

14 Feb 2016


Wonderful though it is living in these ‘ere parts, you don’t get many shops covering the cooler end of contemporary homeware and interiors, so the moment I heard about CARO, I rushed over to Bruton to have a mooch around.

CARO is a lifestyle store and coffeehouse which sells an eclectic and affordable selection of homeware, stationery, skincare, textiles, kids’ stuff, cool magazines and food (and more) from around the world.

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