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From prune to plum

A brand new serum to help dry skin and restore youthful (!) bloom

This cold weather really dries out the skin doesn’t it?  I’ve been slapping on loads of my usual moisturizer but I’m still looking far more prune than plum.  Hero over at Muddy HQ has been road-testing a brand new face serum (it’s literally only been out a couple of weeks), so I wondered what she thought of it…

I’m a recent convert to serums, the beauty industry’s current buzz product. Not tried one? Oh but you must! Basically you massage in a couple of drops to your face before your moisturizer goes on and, depending on your serum of choice, it can help boost moisture levels, improve the appearance of wrinkles, increase the radiance of your skin, or address uneven tone and texture.

And, yes, to some extent, the rise of the serum is really the rise of the latest marketing ploy to get us to buy ever more products to add into our daily regime, but I have to say I’ve seen impressive results from the ones I’ve tried. I like to use one to turbo-charge my cheapo everyday moisturizer at this time of year when my skin is more papery than a tome of War & Peace and I need to blitz annoying flaky patches.

This little beauty, Vanderohe No. 1 Nourishing Face Serum (£88), is absolutely brand spanking new – this indie beauty brand launched on 1 Feb. I’m currently testing it in the evenings and can vouch for its wonderfulness. First things first, the packaging is the prettiest I’ve seen this side of Diptyque, with its dreamy watercolour floral design.

Vanderohe founder Olivia Thorpe, a former investment banker with a passion for natural, ethical, organic beauty products, has sourced 11 essential oils from around the world, including rosehip from Chile (helps with pigmentation), lavender from Bulgaria (inhibits bacteria that can lead to spots) and cedarwood from Morocco (tightens pores). All of which are such high quality, they’ve been rated as ‘food grade’ by the Soil Association – so it is literally good enough to eat (but, er, don’t).

It smells divine and after just a few evenings’ application, my skin already looks glowier. I’ve heard it’s great for tackling scarring which is music to my ears as I find these days spots take forever to heal and fade away – so I’ll report back on that aspect.

It’s currently only available to pre-order via the Vanderohe website, where you’ll also find loads of ethical, natural beauty content (Olivia knows her organic onions). It is pricey, yes, but given you only need two to three drops at a time, you’ll get at least three months of loveliness from one bottle.

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