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Desperately seeking style

OK, so I’ve never actually taken the Muddies to school in my pyjamas (though I have worn their now incredibly overstretched underpants when I’ve run out of mine) but I admit I’ve become a bit of a slob clothes-wise. I blame all those get-into-the-car-right-NOW school runs and last-minute supermarket sweeps in Yeovil.  But jeans and worn-out trainers just ain’t gonna cut it when I stroll into review a luxury spa for Muddy Stilettos, are they? So I made the call to wardrobe consultant and stylist Natasha Musson.

With a performing arts degree and a career in the BBC which included styling costume dramas and auditioning David Beckham lookalikes (well someone’s got to do it), her passion for fashion led her to set up business in Somerset six years ago. She’ll come to your home and re-vamp your wardrobe by going through all your clothes, advise on what to keep and what to chuck out, suggest new ways to wear what you do have and a few key items to buy in order to create the fabulous new you.  Bring it on Natasha…

A few days later, Natasha arrived at my house with her notebook, clothes rail and camera. We had a chat over coffee – she’s soooo friendly and not at all intimidating;  getting to know each client’s personality and lifestyle is key to the way Natasha works.  The thought of a stylist looking through my clothes is completely nerve-wracking but I can’t put it off any longer, and so we go upstairs…


The scale of the problem: a motley collection, most of which hadn’t been out of the wardrobe since moving in to the house five years ago. Natasha went into organise mode and quickly started dividing clothes into summer and winter and then putting clothes that I liked, she liked, we both liked on the clothes rail.


Once she’d weeded out the worst, she started pulling together the outfits.  She seemed to intuitively knew what would suit me, suggesting different combinations and new ways to wear things – thin black polo necks under dresses, even over a long and slinky 1970s halter neck, sleeveless tops worn as waistcoats, belts worn backwards – and relegating my stripy tights to the dressing up box.  I loved all of the outfits she suggested. She had loads of tips (coloured cardis over dresses – don’t do it; but do layer, layer, layer). She didn’t try to make me look like her, though I did covet her over-the-knee boots (Clark’s in case you’re wondering) nor Ten Years Younger. I was still me but a less frumpy, more confident (yep, those are shorts I’m wearing) me.


A typical session lasts three hours, costs £150 (sounds a lot but what’s your plumber’s hourly rate?) and afterwards you get a ‘look book’ of dozens of small pics showing you in your new ensembles and a list of suggestions to upgrade your wardrobe. Natasha will also source clothes, be your personal shopper, help with travel packing and organise styling parties for women of all ages from teens to octogenarians.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just off to buy a selection of polo necks and a forest green pleather skirt…

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10 comments on “Desperately seeking style”

  • Vintage Jane February 16, 2016

    Hey … you need to get those legs out more often! Looking good – love the shorts!

    • suetucker February 20, 2016

      Bought them a few years ago but never had the bottle to wear them – until Natasha popped round!

  • Alison Baker February 20, 2016

    So stylish Sue…

    • suetucker February 20, 2016

      That’s Natasha for you – I highly recommend!

  • Ann Dix February 21, 2016

    Desperately seeking style too! Seriously impressed. Can’t wait to be Natashad…

    • natasha musson February 23, 2016

      Hi Ann! ‘d love to help. Natasha x

  • Sue CC February 23, 2016

    Looking great Sue, Natasha sounds fantastic!

    • suetucker February 24, 2016

      I’d like her to come over again just before summer, then again in the autumn – a personal dresser!

  • Susie February 23, 2016

    You look amazing. Natasha is my beautiful cousin and she has had an amazing sense of style since we were kids! Me and my other cousins spent our childhood playing catch up with her latest trend! I am so happy she is finally doing what she loves as she is sooooooo good at it! Knock em dead Sue, you look fab x

    • suetucker February 23, 2016

      Thanks! You’re right, she’s got a real flair – she should come on prescription!


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